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Coaching and Mentorship - Essential Tools for Success

Coaching is not simply about the transfer of knowledge although in today’s business world, vast amounts of data and information are required to succeed. When a position turns over, that knowledge is often lost. Coaching also encourages personal development and professional growth. An employee’s potential increases as they strengthen their skills and improve workplace behaviors.

Why Mentoring is Important?

Select consultants with leadership experience and expertise are often asked to mentor someone looking to develop their own leadership style. An individual facing industry changes, supervisor changes or personal challenges often benefits from a mentor who offers suggestions, guidance and experience to an individual.

Benefits to the Employee and the Organization

- Improvement of their skill level for problem and strategic thinking
- Increased job satisfaction
- Appreciation and self-confidence of the individual
- Increases their awareness of problem analysis
- Helps in developing a healthy relationship with the management and supervisor.
- Improves their sense of self-esteem and confidence.
- Provides perspective to think about a better work role and career.
- Improves employee retention significantly.

How it works

- Senior management is supportive of professional learning and
- Employees are willing and committed to learning and are open to
improving and developing.
- There may be standard methods and sets of styles for mentoring and coaching that need to be put in place.
- Work roles and responsibilities of employees may need to be redefined.
- The coaches/mentors are experts who provide constant coaching and the guidance required for the development of the employees.

Why Coaching is Important?

The Ledgerock coaches have been in leadership positions for more than 15-20 years. They are specialists in healthcare sales positions and can coach an ingénue through their initial months, assist with upward movement to a new role, improve poor performance or develop a stronger team approach.


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