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What is Emotional Intelligence?

EQ is a term created by two researchers – Peter Salavoy and John Mayer – and popularized by Dan Goleman in his 1996 book of the same name.

Many describe it as the ability to recognize, understand and manage our own emotions and understand and influence the emotions of others.

Did you know that emotions can drive our behavior positively and negatively? Learning how to manage those emotions and the impact they have on others is critical to our success. Some believe that our EQ is as important as our IQ.

Life is full of situations that require that we manage our emotions. We will be asked to deliver within deadlines that are often stressful. We may be required to deal with challenging relationships in the workplace and personally. Often our jobs require that we deal with setbacks, constant change, lack of resources and failure.

How do we handle each situation, and can we learn through the EQ process to deal with them with less stress?

Talent Plus Assessment

The Talent Plus Assessment System is used by thousands of companies internationally.

Healthcare has one of the highest turnover numbers of any industry.

Talent Plus Assessments have changed that is many companies. A thirty-minute assessment produces the revealing 56-page report to be used as part of the interview process
- Will they thrive in your environment?
- Are they mesh with your team?
- Will they produce results?

It provides a clear picture of the candidates
- How do they prefer to work?
- How will they interact with the team?
- What type of manager is best for them?

It provides a second interview focus on areas of concern
- A low sense of urgency
- A high need to be in charge
- A low personal accountability

Talent Plus provides insight into an applicant or a new hire that is unequaled.
Talent Plus allows your interview process to be fine-tuned, focused and successful.
Talent Plus can turn around those high turnover numbers by hiring the right person the first time.

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