Talent Insights Report

Don’t risk the wrong hire; it’s painful and expensive.

Marilyn ran the environmental department in her building for 7 years. She was held in high regard by her peers and management. So, when the sales position opened, she eagerly applied. Ten months later, her old position was filled, and she was frustrated, unhappy and felt under-valued.  Faced with her poor performance, the Administrator had to make a difficult decision. Ultimately, Marilyn, a single mother of three was now without the job she loved and the job for which she was mis-matched.

68% of recruiters say talent shortage is their biggest problem.

2017 Recruiter Sentiment Study MRI Network

For a reasonable cost, you can have a talent profile in front of you during hiring, training, coaching and managing. It will enable you to understand your applicants’ values, behaviors and competencies, target questions in areas of concern and manage any employee in the style that allows them to feel valued and productive.

According to a recent Gallop study, Talent is more important than brainpower, will power and experience. Learn more about Talent Plus Reports; Contact Ledgerock Consulting now by calling 717.683.5473

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