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Ledgerock Lead Management is a structured system that frees your internal salespeople to focus on tours and admissions. An experienced call agent (CA) learns what sets your community apart, works daily making phone calls and sending emails to all the prospects in your CRM system. The CA works your system,
clearing out old leads, prioritizing current leads and moving prospects to tours. Your sales team takes it from there.

Stunning Results:
Sugar Hill CCRC
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Day One: 1800 unqualified leads in the CRM system
Day 120: 400 solid prioritized leads
2,400 contacts by Call Agent
23 in-person tours
6 closed sales
Day 180: Sales Revenue = $2,900,000.00
21.7% Move-in rate

What is Lead Management?
Your marketing efforts resulted in hundreds of leads. 10% moved in. What happened to the other 90%? Lead management provides consistent contact by building lasting relationships resulting in increased census.

Value of an Experienced Outside Call Agent
Call Agent makes up to 300 contacts a month
Establishing trusting relationships with prospects.
Call agent logs & schedules next activity.
Frees Marketing Department to focus on generating new leads CA handles normally forgotten leads and overlooked follow-up activity. Leads are easily converted into a move-in when they are ready. Reduces risk of missed activities; & provides marketer with next steps.

A lead management system will result in a substantial increase in quality tour activity once Ledgerock lead managers work with your team to cultivate and develop lasting relationships with your potential clients.

Leads + Consistent Nurturing = increased Revenue

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