Sales Culture

Why is it critical to have a healthy sales culture?
How do you know if you have one?
What do I do to create it?

It is important to have a healthy sales culture for several reasons, First, successful salespeople are in great demand. They will leave companies who do not value them. The great ones will leave very quickly.

Next, our markets are volatile and ever-changing. A great salesperson keeps you informed, connects the dots and strategically positions your company.

Simply, they grow your revenue.

You know you have a healthy sales culture if you have low sales turn-over and structured systems that allow for collaboration and accountability.

Our first goal with a new client is to look at a sales vertical, beginning with understanding what qualities a candidate must possess to be successful. The sales systems are built around that benchmark including job descriptions, evaluations, assessments, sales plans, business plans and marketing plans.

Lastly, implementing or creating a sales culture begins at the top of the organization. Understanding that salespeople may be different from most of your employees is a start. For instance, 66% of the population have profiles that are supportive, cautious and fact driven. While most salespeople are competitive, fearless and idea driven. Therefore, their values may be quite different requiring flexible systems and strong leadership.

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