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Organic Sales Training - Simple Not Easy!

A simple approach to mastering the sales call that produces

It’s one-day of solid practicum…no memorizing and no fluff. The content is designed for operators, internal and external sales people and hospital liaisons.

The Secret to Our Success
One training day is followed by four Coaching Zoom Meetings thatcement the learning.

“Over the past twenty-five years, I have studied, practiced and taught many different sales programs to hundreds of salespeople. My decision to create a simple program was born out of what I observed in our healthcare industry. Our salespeople are not pharmaceutical reps; our sales cycle is vastly different than other industries and our sales team has other responsibilities than direct sales.

They need a simple system that works, a system that is easy to master with practice and takes only a day! They also need follow up support. Our Zoom Meetings provide that support”

Roni Fogelman

Organic Selling, Simple, not easy is designed for the busy Admissions, Liaisons, Business Development, Marketers, Administrators and Executive Directors.

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