Holiday Schmaladay

Unlike in my personal life, the holiday season in healthcare sales is just plain dreadful. Well, here it is again! It is quite understandable that holiday marketing is pushed to the back burner. Everyone has their hands full with family, friends, gifts and parties. Is it any wonder that the planning is glossed over to just “Get it done”? We are all just trying to make it through the endless Christmas parties to the New Years Eve bash!

But Holiday Gift Giving for your customers is important; it is costly and it is so often an exercise in a waste of money. Let’s look at a few problem areas and few solutions.

The When Problem: It is December 1st and we must decide about holiday gifts. It is too late!

The Who Problem: Gifting is focused on attending physicians and discharge planners. Wrong

The What Problem: Cookie trays, Bakery Muffins, Calendars and Mugs filled with Hershey Kisses. Really?

The Why Problem: Because everyone else does! Wrong again!

The solutions are simple but not easy. They require time and focus. Firstly, the process should begin just after the past holiday. How were the gifts received? Did we choose the right people? Did we give the gifts for the right reasons? Will they be remembered throughout the year?

If we start with the end in mind, the focus becomes about the customer. Who should we present with gifts and why? Is it a thank you for business during the year? Is it in hopes of new or continued business? Is it name recognition? Do we have a new service to tie into the gifting? This makes our task of creating the list a bit more focused.

When we understand the why and the who, the what becomes more clear. This is not because everyone else does it so we should not give what everyone else does. Be innovative and creative. Give something memorable!