Two Reasons Why a CEO Should Attend Sales & Marketing Seminars

The CEO is the visionary, the leader, the path-finder! He or she sets the culture, the direction and the true expectations for the company. inspireGreat leaders are servants of their people; they listen, question and problem-solve constantly. I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best. These “C” level executives seem to be all-knowing and approachable. Often, the CEO may have little comfort level within the sales arena. They leave the details of goal-setting and expectations to the sales management team. So, how does such a leader become all-knowing and approachable?

  • Set the Course- People follow those who inspire! For the sales force to be engaged and driven, they need only inspiration. A leader who can articulate the goals, the strategy and the expected results will find a team of sales people eager to respond and exceed his wildest dreams. Attendance at sales and marketing workshops or seminars provides the leader with the newest methods, current success stories and tried and true systems for achievement.
  • Talk the Talk- People follow those who understand! Each discipline has a vernacular of its own. It is filled with acronyms, abbreviations and inside tips. For the CEO who understands the verbiage and can converse with the sales force using their language, they will find an amazed and energized sales team. Marketing programs delivered by professional and experience sales leaders instill a comfort level with the sales terminology of the day.

These are only two of the reasons for CEOs to invest the time and energy in professional sales programs. I am certain that many of them could list others, equally critical; revenue growth, census development, manager development and more.