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“Where is the Person I Hired?”

We have all been here. The bright smiling man with years of industry experience suddenly turns into an underperforming whiner. The smart, easy going woman with passion and energy disintegrates into the difficult, non-compliant person who challenges your every direction. The frustration can be overwhelming. Before you begin to hire, there are three key points […]

Would You Like to Tour?

These are perhaps the five worst words a potential family member should hear.Yet, not only is it promoted throughout healthcare; it is often followed by punishment for those who do not ask callers to tour. For years, in my sales training, I have recommended that the admissions teams eliminate the word “tour” from their vocabulary. […]

Customer Service is a Subset of Sales

When asked, 95% of sales managers indicate that customer service is an integral part of sales. Most say that selling is ineffective without excellent customer service. In sales, the goal is always the sale. Failure is when the customer doesn’t purchase the product or service. It’s rather like a dance slowly moving through the sales […]

First Three Things New Managers Should Do

Interviewing is a critical responsibility of any sales leadership role. It was my primary focus when I took over a sales force of more than 500. The hiring process included a corporate level interview for all sales management positions. During the interview, I asked one question every time. “If you were to be chosen for […]

Sales Cultures Are Born Not Created

The great sales driven organizations begin at the beginning. They don’t try to create a sales culture; they roll up their sleeves and breathe life into it. They pay attention to details; they have their ear to the ground; they don’t accept complacency. There are the TEN STEPS implemented by some of the most successful […]

Is Your World Out of Focus?

This week I had an opportunity to hear Sally Dixon CEO of Memorial Hospital speak at a luncheon.  Ms. Dixon has been at the Memorial Hospital for 32 years and at the leadership helm for 16 of those years. She is a remarkable woman to have achieved such success in healthcare and remain as approachable […]

It’s All in the Preparation

I often wonder when I get obsessive about preparation. When did I start agonizing over the work months and months before the due date?  When did perfection and detail become as important as the delivery? As I think back, I can squarely place the cause for my obsession on the broad shoulders of my father. […]