What Do These Organizations Have In Common?

  • rondownloadSutter Davis Hospital in Davis, California
  • Pewaukee School District in Wisconsin
  • Baylor Medical Center in Plano, Texas

“Three organizations that are leading innovative practices, dynamic management, sound financial performance, outstanding employee and customer satisfaction, and a solid commitment to excellence and proven results,” said Secretary Pritzker as he awarded them the 2013 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Excellence.

The Ritz-Carlton is the only company in the hotel industry ever to receive the award, which recognizes exceptional achievement in the practice of total quality management principles.ritzThe Chevy Chase, Maryland-based company, joins only one other American company that has earned the distinction more than once.

Imagine a business where every employee has more than 100 hours of customer service training annually, where your needs are always resolved efficiently and quickly, where your room is never more than 90 days old because of a revolutionary maintenance program, and where every employee is the customer service department and will break away from his or her duties to help a guest. Consistent, reliable services such as these are just a few of the reasons why The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. was named the two-time winner of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award by the United States Department of Commerce in 1999 and 1992.

Dr Retzke offers us several top-down suggestions in his article. But, why stop there?

The Ledgerock Healthcare Consultant Team is prepared to work directly with your leadership team to identify challenges. They will work closely with your management team to develop customized solutions and spend time with your staff to implement the most effective customer service programs. Follow through plans will assess progress and assist with course-correction.

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