Do those standing on top of your money have strong Financial Acumen?

fiscalmanagementThe definition of financial acumen is an understanding of what financial information means, and knowing how you should react to it. This goes beyond instinct and intuition and into learning how the financial numbers drive an organization. Financial acumen training will assist employees by helping them make better decisions. This will in turn increase efficiency and effectiveness of operations and performance. Financial acumen training gives employees the ability to interpret financial information. This training is important for those who are important decision makers that do not have financial training.

If the Administrators, Regional and Divisional Directors could answer these questions, what impact would it have on your bottom line?

  1. What is a P&L Statement?
  2. When are brackets bad?
  3. What are the most important numbers in my P&L?

Ledgerock Consultants have spent their careers asking and answering these questions. Marci Reihart heads up the financial training for our healthcare division. Her extensive experience as a Vice President of Operations for Manor Care allowed her lead teams of administrators, clinicians, managers and directors to achieve revenue growth through a clear understanding of the financial pitfalls and opportunities. By recognizing signs and symptoms early, revenue losses are often preventable.

After completion of the Ledgerock Financial Workshop your financial leaders will be able to:

  • Explain the function of a Profit & Loss Statement, EBIT, brackets and much more.
  • Describe how mastering the details of a financial statement will benefit their business and that of the company.
  • Demonstrate how to use their financial statements to improve the bottom line and manage their costs

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