The Trimetrix Assessment System

The Trimetrix Assessment System is used by hundreds of companies internationally to not only hire correctly but to create a hiring system that begins with the end in mind.


The system begins with a process to identify the specific attributes necessary to be successful in a position. The Benchmarking Process coordinates a team of people who understand the position from many prospectives and asks them, “if the position could speak, what would it tell you?”

Once the hiring manager has a clear picture of why people succeed or fail, they can narrow the field down to several candidates. As candidates complete the assessment, the clear leaders stand out. The interviews that follow use questioning guidelines designed to dig deeper into the final candidates` strengths and areas of opportunity.

Ledgerock Consultants are available to provide individualized analysis and personalized conferences with your team.

The Sales Skills Index

Measures Practical Selling Knowledge

The Sales Skills Index (SSI) can be included in the same platform at no additional charge.

The SSI was developed to measure knowledge of successful selling tactics and skills. Each question on the test presents a real-life dilemma in selling with four possible answer choices. The results work hand-in-hand with the IMPACT Selling System so you can see how candidates will perform in each step of the IMPACT process:


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