Jody Ashley Lead Manager

The Art of Lead Management

A Small Investment for a Big Return

Lead Management:

In addition to handling Ledgerock’s Networking Program, Jody Ashley is our Lead Manager. In this role, Jody manages the incoming sales leads for your company. Her responsibility begins with access to your CMS system. As calls come in from your sales and marketing efforts, it is critical to continue the relationship with the potential customer. Often that relationship will continue for months or even years before the decision to admit or move-in is made. Jody builds long-lasting relationships with these callers resulting in a very high closure rate. More importantly, her dedication frees your sales team to continue their external sales and marketing work knowing that their leads are being handled.

Our clients unanimously agree that lead management is a valuable investment

“After engaging Ledgerock Consulting to handle our Lead Management we were assigned Jody Ashley to be our consultant.  Unless you knew better you would think she has been an employee of Sugar Hill for years.  Jody dove in with both feet, immediately making an impact.  She adds a personal touch that I believe is setting us apart from other retirement communities.  She is personable, empathetic and truly cares.  I know she is part of the Ledgerock family but we feel as though she is part of the Sugar Hill family. Working with Roni and Jody has been one of the best decisions we have made this past year…”

Christopher Coulter
Executive Director
Sugar Hill Community
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire 

Did you know?

  • 90% of leads are left unqualified
  • Leads that are nurtured produce a 20% increase in sales
  • Companies that followed up with their leads within one hour were 60 times more likely to close the sale.

And another client explains why Jody was essential to her success.

“Jody Ashley is a top-notch professional – she cares, deeply, about the quality of her work.  Jody goes above and beyond with every customer contact. I am delighted with the support we are receiving.  During the first month she contacted hundreds of leads. Just yesterday, a couple attended one of our wine & cheese gatherings and today I had an appointment with a woman who is very interested in pursuing her next steps with The Admiral at the Lake. Both of these prospects came in to see us as a result of Jody’s efforts.”

Christine Segin
Director, Sales and Marketing
The Admiral at the Lake
Chicago Illinois

“Lead Management is all about connecting with the client.  The best software program requires the lead manager to work the program.  I must learn it, understand it and manage the input for each call.  My role is to establish a trusting relationship with a combination of phone calls, e-mails, and personal cards or notes, over an extended period of time.  It is easy for me to be patient and organized because I have a passion for each customer and their satisfaction.”                   Jody Ashley