Why Do Good Employees Leave Great Companies?

According to First, Break All the Rules, over the last 25 years, the Gallup Organization conducted in-depth interviews with over 1 million employees and 80,000 managers from 400 companies. They determined several reasons why good employees leave.

#1 Reason Bad manager
#2 Reason No tools to do the job

Unlike many training companies, Ledgerock Consulting is committed to providing templates after the training sessions that enable the students to profit from their learning experience.

Each class will wrap up with a review of forms that are easy to use, systems that are simple to implement and hands-on tools that will bring immediate value to their day-to-day activities.

Though most systems and follow-up tools are created with our client`s guidance, listed below are a few standard templates.

Sales Position Time Study Admission Team Meeting Agenda
Market Analysis Sales Meeting Agenda
SWOT Analysis Advertising Plan
Business Action Plan Pre-Call Plan
Marketing Action Plan Sales Call Plan
Sales Call Coaching Form Hospital Profile
Key Account Management Sales Call Sheet
Holiday Marketing Plan Customer Profile … and many more

These templates and examples are available through Ledgerock Consulting Programs only. They are not available for purchase individually

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