Professional Coaching Questionnaire

Often we, as leaders are too close to see the forest for the trees. Sometimes, a fresh look from an outsider can illuminate challenges and uncover opportunities. New managers will benefit from an experienced leader who has the time to teach, guide and coach. Consider these ten questions to decide if coaching is for your company.

  1. Is my organization in need of structure?
  1. Do I have young inexperienced managers?
  1. Am I concerned with the lack of a systematic approach within the sales vertical?
  1. Do we want to hire the sales people destined for success?
  1. Do meetings seem endless and ineffective?
  1. Is ROI important and illusive?
  1. Am I looking for more professionalism or competence?
  1. Am I looking for less concern with structure and more results?
  1. Would my senior managers benefit for coaching?
  1. Is my vision and direction effective?