Why Coach At All?

Coaching Increases Results

coachingWhy Do I need to coach at all?

“Once my team is trained, why do I need to coach them?”

“I hired experienced sales people, why do I have to babysit them?”

“I am the Sales Manager; I don`t have time to ride along with them.”

  • Most sales people are not naturally gifted in selling skills.
  • They work really hard at perfecting their trade.
  • Your newest people look to you for help and support and your super stars want desperately to show you why they are successful.

Who Coaches Whom?

The manager should use one of three approaches to coach:

1 – Demonstration Call, where the coach completes the entire call might be used for new sales people, a new sales program or someone struggling

2 – Joint Call, where you both decide to handle a portion of the call might be used to coach through a particular step.

3 – Observation Call, when the coach stays in the background to assess and evaluate.

When Do You Coach?

  • Once your sales team has a defined selling system, one which they can learn and follow, it is time to coach.
  • Coaching should be routine and not something out of the ordinary.
  • The more often a coach provides instruction, course correction and praise, the more successful his sales team will become.

How Do You Coach

  • Coaching should be a positive and constructive experience for both salesperson and coach.
  • Start with the positives and follow up with some areas that you both see an opportunity for growth.
  • Leave your sales person with no more than three areas to work on before your next field visit.

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