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What is the Number One Reason a Good
Employee Leaves a Great Company?

According to First Break all the Rules it`s their manager.

Last year the Institute for Corporate Productivity surveyed hundreds of employees to determine how well their companies helped people make the switch to management. The results were dismal: More than 60 percent rated their firm`s performance as “fair;” 16 percent said it was “poor.”

Ledgerock Consulting has successfully helped many companies to develop strong sales management systems from hiring to coaching.

Sales Management Focus Groups

focusgroupEvery successful sales team is headed up by a coaching team. This team, made up of sales management professionals is not born; it is developed by focusing on behaviors, systems and expectations. Ledgerock Solutions for Managers I is designed to work individually with your managers.

The Focus Groups invite input, ideas and troubleshooting. The small numbers of attendees allow us to deliver this training in a conference room setting, via conference calls or a webinar.

Sales Management Workshops

Management starts with the ability to spot talent, match that talent to the right assignment, develop the required skill sets and measure success by results. Ledgerock Solutions for Managers II is designed to take your management team to the next level. With skilled experienced sales managers leading the workshops, your team will learn to master hiring. They will increase their coaching skills to develop their people and understand how to implement objective measures to track success.

Help your team to uncover the difference between their talents, knowledge and skills and learn the methods to use each one to focus on success.

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